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ill bring it back to where the fun begun

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Thursday, October 7, 2010
New love life ? (:
Last Blogged @ 2:09 AM

Archiel ~ my fav scandal
my one and only AJIK (:
Heyhey ~ its been like 10 years since ive posted . ok so , when i was with Jin Tropia [210810] , never did have the time to post . broke up like 5 days ago , i guess ^^ lasted for like 1 mnth 2 weeks ~ Ajik , Fatar , Taufiq and Archiel are my new loved life (: Ajik - In the process . Fatar - Ily (: Taufiq - u know , i know . Archiel - scandal ooh scandal ! im happy with the way i am now . my mum is flexible , school is like dust but the best part is , i get to do everything my way (: this friday , ZOUK !!! Drink , partaay , get high wild krazy (: is gonna be fcking awesome . migh be meeting Ajik for awhile tomorrow . its awesome that Ajik in in my life ! kay kay , i go to goo (: ill update as soonn as possible . lots of love , emiy XOXO . <3

Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Last Blogged @ 6:38 AM

heyy ! im bacck !! sorry , i have been VERY busy and VERY laaazy to update my own blog . so what else ? ask ppl to update for me lerrr !!! -.- hahahah! now days i have been extremely tired and exhausted ! i dnt even have time to check tagged and update stuff on facebook . But the problem is , i dnt do anything . Its not like i listen in class , i dnt go for time-out programme , i hardly study . hais . dhen ape yg biken akuh penat ehhy ? kdng2 , heran jgk tau . hahahah !! kk , bdk2 fountain ( BHY,SQUARE,ARR ! (B2R) + Adam , Alif , Adel ) has officially replaced my bdk2 Kranji . now , last update for tuhdaayy , akuh sayanq OPET ! XOXO , emily !

Saturday, July 17, 2010
Last Blogged @ 10:23 PM

Hello! Its me,Dolphin again.Deanna asked me to update her blog...AGAIN.Lazy ass! Heh.Seems she asked somebody else too! Haha! Confidence rules for me rite now! Haha! Anyway,I think she may be mad at me cos last night,I didn't text her and she waited for my text.I feel so guilty,damn! I'm sorry my dear. I really am. It won't happen again.Now about deanna,She's hot...Well,I know I'm gonna hear her bragging about this but she really is.And goddamn cute too.I miss her loads.I miss biting her.I miss debating with her.I miss winning those debates.Haha.Well,lets just say she's made a huge impact on me in such a little time.She's a rose.A rose with its thorns.Cute yet feisty.I love.Haha.I'm just waiting for her text right now. I'm done I guess.Text me will you my dear.

I Love You

Last Blogged @ 6:58 AM

Hello Aikkel Goodboy Is here Helping Deanna to update her bloggy (:.
Well she is so lazy ask people to updater for her -.- But itsok since im a goodboy kan? haha. Btw Deanna WOAH! skrg dah jadi goodgerl larh seyh! haha tiber2 jeqq nari baek semacam nan akuhh ! haha .Kayh lahh akunyer otak dah blank so TAKECARE people Buhbye

Sunday, July 4, 2010
Last Blogged @ 2:34 AM

Hey! i'm deanna's friend.She asked me to update her blog...I don't even know what to post.Well.Yesterday texted deanna. She couldn't stop talking about food.At first it was chocolates,then subway.. -_- Hahah. Well,Deanna's a friendly girl.Haha.Abit crazy too..My kind.Haha.*a long pause* Shit! I'm stuck.I don't know what else to put.bahaha. Well.I guess i'm stopping before i write stupid things here.haha.

~Yours Truly,

Friday, May 14, 2010
Last Blogged @ 10:57 AM

heylow beybehs..so, from thursday to this cumin monday, there is no school.. enjoy la.. ape lagi..went shopping, watch movie with sista love for 2 days non-stop.. and she ate alooot! like a ***.. hahah! not gonna saay.. nnt majok AGAIN.. kuat majok uh diz ghurl.. hahaha! dhen, last nite, we didnt hv anything to do soo, we took loads of pictures.. hahhs! one day we gonna go club, like we always say ' we party like a rockstar, Look like a movie star,Play like an all star, **** like a porn star! baby im a superstar' .. get dhat right bitches! yeayea.. so we ended the day with hugs and kisses and said good bye.. i also wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO sista love's sister (sounded wrong..).. stay happy always yeah babe! kk, its 4.29 am in the morning.. i wanna edit more pics dhen go sleep. tuhdels ! love, dyaynahh! XOXO

Wednesday, May 12, 2010
!! Another Boring Day !!
Last Blogged @ 12:09 AM

hello fellow readers! wo0kay, so today there was an art exam.. goddamit, i had no clue what to do.. i hardly even finish my portfolio.. haiss! but thanks to Davin, Mike and Firdaus
i had it done.. hahas! after art exam i went to take my math exam. anyway, im still using my old number.. not the 94225133, its the one after that.. so if there is anythingdo pyceet(kol/text, whatever..).. HAHAHAH! OKOK, i got sumthing funny tuhh tell u guys, tadi, when i reach home, my mum has already left the house to work. i criously didnt realise she called and texted me.. the first msg said 'why u never pick up my call'.. dhen i read the second msg, she said 'can u please pick up ur phone.' dhen i went on to read the third msg and it said 'hai. naseb aku laa deanna..' HAHAHAHAH! wth! kelakar seyh.. i can like imagine her saying it with her sad tone.. hahahahahah!! ooh and i wanna wish ahmad ruzaini a happy birthday=) kk im tired.. byebye! lo
deyaynahh XOXO



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